Your Health America is centered around encouraging, inspiring and empowering others to live a healthy lifestyle.
This is a fight against the PANDEMIC COVID; HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE,CANCER and other chronic diseases that that are PREVENTABLE.

A Healthy Lifestyle can prevent and is a pathway to assist in curing some of these diseases.


Your Health America is creating a more caring, active and healthier community through physical activities (walking,running,etc.), healthy eating and overall living a healthy lifestyle.
A Holistic Approach is used to include mental, physical, spiritual, social, environmental, financial and integrated health.


Your Health America, Inc is a 501©(3), nonprofit organization centered around healthy living that delivers community events, training programs and community outreach projects to Metro Atlanta.

Our focus is on Seniors (50+) primarily, to increase physical activities such as walking, running along hiking, Kayaking, swimming and healthy food consumption regardless of their present unhealthy lifestyle and provide activities for improvement.


Dr. Athon Barron, Founder, Author, and CEO

Dr. Barron is a triathlete and practitioner of healthy living for over 47 years of research and education. A strong testimony of how a holistic approach to health has prevented and resolved all his potential health issues as an African American Man.

Now his resolve is to educate/train others to Take Charge! Live a Healthy Lifestyle.

Other staff is added as resources and programs are needed.


Dr. Earnest Simmons, MD
Mrs. Vernelle Nunn, RN
Ms. Keya Barron, BS, JD


Your Health America is centered around encouraging, inspiring, and empowering others to live a healthy lifestyle for seniors.


  • Corporate Healthy Lifestyle Training/Presenter
  • Coach
  • Public Speaker
  • Race Management
  • Family Reunion Presenter


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